This is The Design for Nendoroid Snow Miku of 2012

Nendoroid Snow Miku's design for 2012

Nendoroid Snow Miku's design for 2012

The design competition for Nendoroid Snow Miku of 2012 has just ended with a voting phase, a moment ago in the post-WonFes live broadcast at NicoNicoDouga. The winning design is the one you see above – Nendoroid Snow Miku wearing winter coat and jeweled ribbon. Pretty nice, eh? ^^

The live-voting phase

The live-voting phase

Yep, the design won with 45.8% vote. Now I cannot wait to see how the real product looks like later on. ^^

What do you think, Nendonesian?

13 comments on “This is The Design for Nendoroid Snow Miku of 2012

  1. Sennari says:

    This was my favorite out of the 4 x3
    I can’t wait to see her as a Nendo!

  2. Peach says:

    … Not my fave but looks the most like Miku, so I guess its fine! ^^ ;A;

  3. 3242 says:

    What would of been my second choice one, ohwell!
    Personally though, I voted for B ;-;

  4. Shiddo says:

    Happy this one won, now since she is bit different from other Mikus, yet kept her “soul” I will probably go for her.   

    Wait happy? Damn more expenses… -_-

  5. Pharias says:

    ah well ._. it’s sweet too, but I will miss the bear gloves ><

  6. Fefe Chan says:

    ahhhhh,i like the snowman verrrr (B)….

    she looks so cute with that fluffy looks snowman hat….
    and that little paws….0(>////////////<)0

    well,the winner sure looks elegant and matched for this winter theme : "jewel"
    jewelery surely give elegant, beautiful, and highclass looks…..
    well,that's my story….ups, opinion…..
    what's urs ?? ^^

  7. bL4Ck says:

    I liked more the A version, maybe for her resemblance with Erio, but D version is fine. Let’s hope to see her on GSC Shop this winter.

  8. dont like the curve on her hair xD but other is ok >.<

  9. Chris says:

    The art style for D probably is the closest to the original design, which is why I would have wanted A to win. A is so moe, but it got the lowest votes?! FUUUUU

  10. […] what do we have here? The announcement of a brand new Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012 version!? W-w-whoaa … (>. ← Nendoroid Inui Sana is Spotted in GSC’s Latest Live Nico […]

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