ClariS x Nendoroid Collaboration Project Announced!

ClariS x Nendoroid

ClariS x Nendoroid

Did you see a pair of Nendoroid Petit rendetion of ClariS in our Summer WonFes coverage? Apparently, they are part of ClariS x Nendoroid collaboration project. GSC has appointed ClariS to sing the official theme song for Nendoroid, titled “Anata ni FIT” or roughly translated as “FIT for You“. GSC has also made a promotional video, which you can see after the break. ^^

Here is the video:

Yep, that is the official Nendoroid theme song “Anata ni FIT“. What do you think, Nendonesian?


4 comments on “ClariS x Nendoroid Collaboration Project Announced!

  1. --- says:

    Their voices are so lovely. I’m sure that has been said over and over already. ^ ^
    I think that it’s very interesting that they got involved with GSC. I look forward to more new developments. ^^

  2. […] 3rd single nexus will include the Nendoroid theme song “Anata ni FIT” as part of the ClariS x Nendoroid project. The single “nexus” is scheduled for September 14 release in […]

  3. […] Did you know that ClariS also sing the Nendoroid theme song? […]

  4. […] I am going to pre-order it since (1) I like ClariS’ tunes and (2) they sung the Nendoroid theme song “Anata ni FIT“, which is included in their latest single […]

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