Nendoroid Planet is Now Available!

Nendoroid Planet

Nendoroid Planet

For you who don’t know what Nendoroid Planet is … well, it is an iOS app containing a catalog of all Nendoroid along with its 3D model and some mini games. It was first revealed at GSC’s 10th anniversary back then on May, along with the official announcement of the upcoming PSP game Nendoroid Generation. The app was originally scheduled for late May or mid June release, but it has been delayed until now. ^^;

Some screenshots from Nendoroid Planet app

Some screenshots from Nendoroid Planet app

In any case, the app is now available for free on iTunes App Store for Japan. Sadly, there is currently no English or international version of the app. Anyway, I am going to play with this app now … will be updating the post with more screenshots later. ^^

Via official page and iTunes App Store

2 comments on “Nendoroid Planet is Now Available!

  1. Sunffin-Kun says:

    i downloaded it but i understand nothing T^T </3

  2. […] the iOS app Nendoroid Planet was released last month, I guess there must be a lot of Nendo-fans who asked about an Android port possibility. […]

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