Nendonesia Surabaya 4th Gathering Report

Nendonesia Surabaya 4th Gathering

Nendonesia Surabaya 4th Gathering

Note: Thanks to Arif , Monyo, ProtoMan, gr3ywind, and PanduHTT for providing the pics used in this post. ^^

Nendonesia Surabaya 4th Gathering was held on Saturday, July 9, at Jasmine Ice Cream, Grand City Mall & Convex. Yep, it has been about 4 months since we held the previous gathering, and most of us have been eagerly waiting for the gathering. This time, I was getting help from rendoroid, Ekstaradis, PakD, along with my brothers.

UPDATE: Photo gallery has been added.

Our gathering was kinda unusual this time, as we also share the venue with figmania Surabaya gathering as well. We are looking for possibilities of merging both gathering next time – probably dubbed as Nendonesia x figmania Surabaya gathering. ^^

Anyway, the gathering was supposed to begin at 2PM, but there were some participants arrived at the venue earlier. As usual, we were waiting for the other participants to arrive before starting the gathering, thus we started the gathering at around 2:30PM.

Unfortunately, we were forced to skip some planned activities due to the lack of time and some other non-technical reasons. Yep, we did not have introduction session, workshop, auction, and grand Nendoroid photo-session there. Sorry about that, Nendonesian. m(_ _)m

Enjoying ice cream together with Nendoroid ^^

Enjoying ice cream together with Nendoroid ^^

Thankfully we did have the Nendoroid mix-match game, where the participants were divided into several teams (according to where they were sitting), and then each group have to make (one or more) Nendoroid by mix-and-matching parts from different Nendoroid. The winner is chosen based on how many “likes” it received. The result of this contest is going to be posted later tonight. ^^

Mixing and matching Nendoroid

Mixing and matching Nendoroid

Some of us were having unbox session as well, such as kuroneko85 with his Bakuman-duo and Kuroneko, lufi10 with his Yuyuko, fuuchan88 with her Petit Harumi, and Stephen who unboxed his Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take a “grand” photo of all Nendoroid there. T__T

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version being unboxed

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version being unboxed

We finished the gathering at around 6PM, because we had already had agreement about it with the venue’s owner. We took a pic of most participants there (without Stephen – sorry! ^^;). Afterwards, some of us were going home, while the others were having dinner (and continued their Nendo-fun) at Grand City’s Food Loft.

The participants

The participants

A little photo gallery of the gathering (courtesy of Arif):

Some participants share their own pics from the gathering as well:

Well then, that’s all on my report of the gathering. Thank you for Jasmine Ice Cream for letting us use the venue for the gathering, thanks to the crew who helped us setting up the gathering, and finally thanks to all of you Nendonesian for attending the gathering. See you again on our next gathering! ^^

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