Nendonesia Jakarta 2nd Gathering Report

Nendonesia Jakarta 2nd Gathering

Nendonesia Jakarta 2nd Gathering

Note: Thanks to balakadut, pus2meong, KoroshiteAgeru, and Laurensia for providing the photos used in the report. ^^

It has been four and a half month since our first gathering in Jakarta and we have just finished our second last week, on Saturday, July 2, at Coffee Tree, Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading. This time, the gathering was organized by Cybeast, Pus2meong, momonoji, and HigaYuchan. So, how did it go?

The crew had already gathered at the venue at around 11AM to prepare for the gathering activities. Although it was supposed to begin at 1PM, the first attendee, CrossForte has already arrived there. However, the gathering actually started at around 2PM because we were waiting for the participants to gather at the venue. ^^;

The gathering activities were really fun there – after we had a brief introduction session, we played some exciting games, photo session (with Nendoroid), cross-exchanging Nendoroid parts, while chatting with each other as well and enjoying the food/beverages there. A doorprize had also been prepared by the crew, before we finished it up with a photoshoot of the whole participant – sans the one who have left earlier. ^^

The participants (photo by pus2meong)

The participants (photo by pus2meong)

The crew had some freebies for the participants, such as Nendonesia badges, stickers, and bookmarks. I guess those stuff would make a great photo material with the Nendoroid, don’t you think so? ^^

Anyway, here is a photo gallery of this gathering:

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157627037349687″]

Some attendees are sharing their pics as well:

Well then, that’s all for my (mini) report. Thanks for attending the gathering, and see you again on our next one, Nendonesian! ^^

6 comments on “Nendonesia Jakarta 2nd Gathering Report

  1. cybeast says:

    who took my pictures so much? D:

  2. HigaYuchan says:

    GUAH, my “embarrassing” pose has been uploaded here???? D:

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