Nendoroid Petit Lysette from Rance Quest Spotted (Again)

Nendoroid Petit Lysette Kalar

Nendoroid Petit Lysette Kalar

The adorable elf girl from upcoming PC eroge Rance Quest has been spotted again. Yep, Nendoroid Petit Lysette Kalar is spotted to be having some close-up photo session there. I guess the game’s actual release date is approaching soon (scheduled for summer release). Just a friendly refresher: the whole bundle which includes this Petit would cost you around 8500 Yen. ^^

Any thoughts, Nendonesian? Any of you pre-ordering the game bundle along with this cute little girl? ^^

5 comments on “Nendoroid Petit Lysette from Rance Quest Spotted (Again)

  1. Neko8124 says:

    petites just aren’t worth it anymore

  2. I love Rance’s games…  but gonna skip this one… too pricey for me + I’m not a petit collector after all.. hahahaha

    good luck for everyone who wants to grab her  ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want her so badly but I can’t afford her nowadays, and of course, she is a petit and not like Totori (I would have bought two lyssettes if she was a normal nendo)

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. IMHO Petit Lysette’s design is kinda unique compared to other Petits, and it is certainly interesting to be purchased.

      Unfortunately, the pricing (with game bundle) is too expensive IMO. ^^;

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