Happy 1st Anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian!

Nendonesia's 1st Anniversary greeting by Vocaloid Nendoroid ^^

Nendonesia's 1st Anniversary greeting by Vocaloid Nendoroid ^^

It has been a year since our first post in Nendonesia and so much things have been accomplished since then. We have posted up several hundreds of news and twenty-some reviews to the blog so far. We have also expanded Nendonesia into other (social) media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Forum, Flickr group, DeviantART group, and Tumblr. An official Nendonesia T-Shirt has also been distributed a few months ago, with part of the sales being donated to aid Japan’s relief effort.

UPDATE: Anniversary greeting pic by CinnamonFox has been added. Thanks!

Several local community gatherings has also been held over the last few months, both in Surabaya and Jakarta. Yes, we have just had the 2nd Jakarta gathering on last Saturday, and we are going to hold the 4th Surabaya gathering later this weekend. It is a lot of Nendo-fun there in the gathering! ^^

Nendonesia Site Stats

Nendonesia Site Stats

As the founder of Nendonesia, I feel really amazed on how “Nendoroid” could create such a solid community. Nationalities, races, ethnics, religions, cultures, ages, genders, and other groups could merge as one with the common love for Nendoroid.

I am really glad that I have created Nendonesia to serve as a platform for Nendoroid lovers to connect with each other without any borders, and I hope we could keep it up by the spirit of spreading Nendo-love to everyone. ^^

In the end, I would like to thank you, Nendonesian, for your supports, helps, comments, critics, suggestions and contributions for Nendonesia. We would never be able to reach this stage without you. ^^

… and finally I can say this: Happy 1st anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian! ^^

Note: Did you know that we hold a PhotoCon to celebrate this milestone?^^

Nendonesia's anniversary greeting by CinnamonFox (via MFC)

Nendonesia's anniversary greeting by CinnamonFox (via MFC)

Thanks for the greeting pic, CinnamonFox! Please say my gratitude to Flandre as well. ^^ (MFC)

7 comments on “Happy 1st Anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian!

  1. Neko8124 says:

    Congrats yeaaaaa I love you webpage it is the greatest …I get all my info from this site and will always continue to

  2. Fefe Chan says:

    otanjyoubi omedetou nendonesia (^O^)/

  3. otanjyoubi omedetou, nendonesia!!!  ^^

  4. Shiddo says:

    Happy birthday ^^

  5. Shinkokunaotoko says:

    Man dont know where i’ve been all this time to miss such an awesome otaku-related LOCAL site. Well greeting from semarang and happy (belated) birthday 😛

  6. cybeast says:

    Happy Birthday Nendonesia ^^

  7. […] is nothing like forgetting someone’s birthday – and in this case, it is our very own Nendonesia’s anniversary day, which should be celebrated on July 4th – that’s 2 months overdue! […]

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