Modifying Your Nendoroid Stand

The Shut-in strikes back! Here’s a simple guide how to modify your nendoroid stand~

So, we all know that the nendoroid (we all love)’s stand will come loose someday (especially if you bring him/her a lot). Also the touhou project nendoroid series have a high chance to scratch the design on their base with the old stand system (that is, the one where the stand hold their skirts/pants/other).

Some newer nendoroids have use the plug stand system (like Sharo, Black Rock Shooter series, etc). But how about the older nendoroids? Here is just simple guide how to change it into plug stand system~!

(I’m sorry I didn’t get any WIP pics)

What you need:

1 plug stand (preferably from Miku HMO, Mickey Mouse, or any nendoroids who can stand by themselves)

1 old stand system (if you like their base, like me because I love Remilia’s base design)

anything to make a hole on the nendoroid’s back (screwdriver, electric drill, laser gun, psychokinesis, or anything! It’s up to you!)

1 screwdriver

Don’t forget to have a back up of the nendoroid in case you messed up (which I hope you don’t)

note: you can skip directly to fourth part if you don’t want to use the old -round shaped- base

So, what to do?

first, we need to unscrew the bottom part of the joint (circled red in the pic)

next, we need to split apart the older joint (pic), we need the one with hole

now, we need to combine the two joints! Please remember, the screw need to get in from the ROUND side of the hole, otherwise, it will fall through and make a crack in your joint (please be very careful with this, broken stand broke the nendoroid’s heart ;A;)

fourth, we arrive at the hardest part (at least for me, since I make the hole manually by screw ;A;)

take the piece from the stand (pic), we need it to know how big are we going to make the hole at the nendoroid’s back

make the hole! you can either use screwdriver like me, or you can use electric drill (faster and easier, but I’m not sure if there’s one available at this size).

finish! =D


Thanks for reading and good luck! =D

One comment on “Modifying Your Nendoroid Stand

  1. Edo Koshiedo says:

    nice thanks for the tip i was able to do it so quickly o^_^o

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