Nendoroid Taiga is Ready for Upcoming Summer WonFes!?

Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga

Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga

Aisaka Taiga has received several Nendoroid Petit rendetion previously, but she had never had a regular-sized Nendoroid version …. until now. Yes, the famous loli-tsundere from Toradora is finally getting a Nendoroid rendetion.

Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga is going to be announced really soon (probably at the upcoming WonFes?), as she has apparently been completely painted. Her sword as well as the little tiger will be included in the package. Unfortunately, there are no front view of Taiga-chan … but well, it should be enough for you, Taiga fans, to rejoice, isn’t it? ^^

(Thanks for the tip, Jeff Teo! ^^)

Via 2chan

6 comments on “Nendoroid Taiga is Ready for Upcoming Summer WonFes!?

  1. ney says:

    Well, how to explain how much i’m pleased… Oh i found it ! FUCK YEAH !

  2. no!!!! I really want her!!! I’m Taiga fans!!!

    ugh! hopefully she’ll be released around november or december  >_<

  3. […] Nendonesia has spotted a scan on 2ch showing the back of a possible Nendoroid Taiga from the anime and light novel series Toradora! (とらドラ!). […]

  4. radiant says:

    Will buy.


  5. […] the announcement of Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga has been leaked previously, the latest issue of the Japanese hobby magazine scan still has plenty Nendoroid goodies for us. […]

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