Custom Nendoroid White Rock Shooter Spotted

Custom Nendoroid White Rock Shooter

Custom Nendoroid White Rock Shooter

The latest post of Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner on Mikatan’s blog comes with some interesting Nendoroid pics, and IMO the most interesting one is Nendoroid White Rock Shooter. Yep, apparently there is someone who made a Nendoroid rendetion of the BRS’ rival in the upcoming PSP game by mix-matching Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter, Nendoroid Dead Master, and Nendoroid Black Gold Saw, plus some additional sculpting and painting. It turned out to be a great custom Nendoroid there! ^^

Reaction from huke (BRS character designer):

[blackbirdpie id=”80903541388083201″]

Well, in any case, kindly go directly to Mikatan’s blog for more awesome Nendoroid pics. ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

7 comments on “Custom Nendoroid White Rock Shooter Spotted

  1. Supa_S says:

    Yeah I saw it earlier and I must say, it looks AWE-SOME! However, I do believe that GSC will release a WRS nendoroid in the future. Oh come on, they HAVE to!

  2. 0_0′  I’m really afraid to see the price of this thing  >__<

  3. Lilim says:

    Please put the word “Custom” in front of your article titles.

  4. cumi says:

    maybe WRS is the summer wonfes limited product..
    oh no..

  5. […] do we have here? Apparently someone is inspired from the white version of Black Rock Shooter (a.k.a White Rock Shooter), and she decided to repaint the whole BRS casts into white-colored theme. The white version of […]

  6. […] have already had a glimpse of custom Nendoroid White Rock Shooter previously, courtesy of Mikatan’s blog a few months ago. Well, now we are going to take another look at […]

  7. Star Loiodice says:

    j’adore cette figurine de white rock shooter

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