Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (May 2011)

Various upcoming Nendoroid displayed

Various upcoming Nendoroid displayed

As usual, the latest issue of Japanese hobby magazine brings us yet a plenty of new Nendoroid info and pics. First up, the completed version of Nendoroid Ikaros is displayed there along with the highly-anticipated Nendoroid Nymph (still in prototype though) from Sora no Otoshimono. Nendoroid Ikaros is scheduled for September release with a price tag of 3500 Yen. No availability and pricing info on Nendoroid Nymph though. ^^

Next is Phat Company‘s Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke which is available for pre-order starting today. Meanwhile, FREEing also showcased the limited and exclusive Nendoroid Nyx: 2P version. IMHO, this is the one of the best 2P version of Queen Blade‘s Nendoroid – gorgeous blue-ish color theme suits Nyx really well. Anyway, she will be available for pre-order on June 24 ( and scheduled for August release.

Last but not least, there is also an announcement about the next figure in the Cheerful Japan charity project, which turned out to be a set of Nendoroid Petit from Black Rock Shooter in cheerleader outfit. Looking at the pic, I guess the Petits would have a similar art style as Puchitto Rock Shooter, a NicoNicoDouga web-based BRS game. Pre-order will start on June with a price tag of 3000 Yen.

Well, which Nendoroid interests you the most, Nendonesian? ^^

(Thanks to Jeff Teo and Cybeast for the tip! ^^)

Via 2chan

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