Top 3 Voted Nihon Falcom Heroines Would Get Petit Rendetion

Nihon Falcom heroines

Nihon Falcom heroines

In order to celebrate their 30th anniversary, Nihon Falcom is holding an online election to choose the TOP 3 Heroines from their game series, to be made into a Nendoroid Petit, courtesy of Good Smile Company. Yes, you may vote for your favorite candidate from a total of 125 heroines from Nihon Falcom’s various game series at the official page here. The election is running from April 28 (today) until May 31, and you may only vote once a day. ^^

You don’t know what/who Nihon Falcom is? Well, they are a famous game developer company in Japan, who made Ys series and Eiyuu Densetsu (The Legend of Heroes) series. If you recall, they are currently having another partnership with GSC for their upcoming PSP RPG Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki, which is bundled with Nendoroid Petit Tio Plato and Ellie MacDowell.

Well, what are you waiting for, Nendonesian? Go directly to the official page to cast your vote! ^^

Via Dengeki Online

6 comments on “Top 3 Voted Nihon Falcom Heroines Would Get Petit Rendetion

  1. Shiddo says:

    Aaaaah so more evil chibis coming up ><
    Bet they will be exclusive ^^;
    Still a nice idea and offer to let fans pick their most wanted ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      ” Aaaaah so more evil chibis coming up >< " LOL
      Well, it's true that they would be too adorable to be skipped, so it is indeed an evil threat for our wallet. ^^
      In the other hand, yep, I agree that it is a nice move by Nihon Falcom. ^^

  2. Munnydunny says:

    vote the third top row from the left (Tita Russell)
    she’s an adoreable candidate for a petit

  3. King Tacchan says:

    Aah I want them all xD I’m into EiDen series recently.
    And Joshua in Princess Cecillia version is too adorable! (would like the maid version also xD)

  4. […] you recall that GSC is going to make 3 Nendoroid Petit of the most popular heroines of all Nihon Falcom’s game… to celebrate Falcom’s 30th anniversary? Well, the voting had been over since several weeks […]

  5. […] you remember about the Top 3 Nihon Falcom heroines which were shown briefly on last WonFes and promised to be made into Nendoroid Petit? Here is the […]

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