Nendoroid Generation Gets an Official Website!

Nendoroid Generation's website

Nendoroid Generation's website

The official website for the upcoming Nendoroid-themed PSP game, Nendoroid Generation (a.k.a NenGene) has been up and running since a few hours ago. The Flash-based site doesn’t have anything new currently, but they should be updating news and info there in the future.

Anyway, it turns out that Banpresto will be the one doing the development, while Namco Bandai will be the publisher (or is it the other way around? ^^) In any case, keep a close eye on the website, Nendonesian. ^^

p.s: Is it just me or the Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter looks slightly different there? ^^;

Via NenGene official site

4 comments on “Nendoroid Generation Gets an Official Website!

  1. In my opinion, concerning the developper and the publisher, this is the other way round.
    I know that namco has developped katamari.
    But I am not an expert in video games.

    • Anonymous says:

      I read on some gaming site a while ago, and it mentioned about Banpresto
      being the one behind the game – possibly joining Namco Bandai team to
      develop this game. Let’s see how it turns out later. ^^

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