More Screenshots of Nendoroid Generation!

The party

The party

Famitsu has gotten their hand on a plenty of moe-overload screenshots from the upcoming GSC x Bandai Namco PSP game: Nendoroid Generation. The highschool, battle system, and the interactive session are all showcased in the screenshots – see it for yourself after the break. ^^

Nendoroid highschool

Nendoroid highschool



Interaction with the Nendoroid

Interaction with the Nendoroid

Whoaa …. aren’t they super-adorable!!? I have been wishing to create an RPG-sort of story out of my Nendoroid, and now GSC x Bandai Namco made it into a real game! (> . <)/

Anyway, kindly visit Famitsu for more pics – beware of the moe-level there, it’s really “toxic”. ^^

I have already covered most info about the game on the previous post though, if you are interested.

Via Famitsu

3 comments on “More Screenshots of Nendoroid Generation!

  1. lol actually last year i already built a RPG with nendoroid as it’s characters but for private only cause afraid that i broke the copyright ==a well this one is better actually so no worry 😀

  2. CrossForte says:


  3. […] may have seen some in-game screenshots of the upcoming PSP RPG Nendoroid Generation from Namco Bandai x Banpresto x Good Smile Company […]

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