Mikatan Shows You How to Fix Scuffed Paint

Scuffed paint on Miku's hair

Scuffed paint on Miku's hair

Well, if you look at the pic above, you know that it might happen to our Nendoroid if they fell off from a certain height and hit their head. No worries! Mikatan has just posted an in-depth guide about how to fix the scuffed paint on Nendoroid in her latest DIY Figure Repair article series. Apparently, some tools are neccessary to follow the guide, i.e: masking tape, enamel solvent, enamel paints, top coat, brush, and dishes. In any case, simply visit Mikatan’s blog for further details about the guide.

So … have you ever had this kind of “scars” on your Nendoroid? How did you repair them? ^^

Note: The guide might serve as a basic guide on Nendoroid re-painting as well – what do you think? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

4 comments on “Mikatan Shows You How to Fix Scuffed Paint

  1. Neko8124 says:

    I got figure with a scratch and it was very small so I left it ….lol she has battle damage

  2. Momoichi says:

    i adopted a used nendoroid cuz i wanted to fix her up and give her a happy new home so thisll help quite abit ^^

  3. Chouchou says:

    I wanna fix the scuffed paint in my nendo’s hair too, but I am not so brave to do it… ^^v…
    now she still has the scuffed paint which sometimes can be camouflaged as some kind of highlight or variation of light in the hair ^^v
    Still confused what should I do…
    It’s Miku HMO, and it got the scuffed paint because it’s so hard to get her stand/in the position I want and— she fell T^T

  4. Ralfarios says:

    My Question is,, where i can get that material? Like a Paint, ETC?

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