Nendoroid Strength Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Strength

Nendoroid Strength

The 4th Nendoroid from Black Rock Shooter series: Nendoroid Strength (a.k.a STR) is getting a preview photo session treatment by Mikatan. Two expressions, a pair of “Ogre Arms” (with joints on elbows and fingers), and some usual optional body parts. Super cool, cute, and nicely done, but I have one concern: why does the symbol in her stand base is a “star” instead of “fist“? ^^;

In any case, kindly visit Mikatan’s blog to view the full gallery on this cute fighter. Oh, don’t forget that her pre-order would be available starting March 31. ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

4 comments on “Nendoroid Strength Previewed by Mikatan

  1. Concerning the stand I think there will be a fist on it.
    This is not the definitive version.
    It was the same with Dead Master… Mikatan presents it with tha star but finally it is a skull

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that you mention it … I kinda recalled that DM used a star on
      her stand back then on Mikatan’s preview.

  2. […] as Jubei-chan’s today. She has been previewed by Mikatan on Tuesday, so you might want to pay it a visit. […]

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