Mikatan Shows How to Repair Broken Nendoroid Joints

Broken Nendoroid joint

Broken Nendoroid joint

Broken joints are one of the most problematic issues that plagues Nendoroid collectors. Following the recent earthquake in Japan that made a lot of figure collectors had their figures broke their Nendoroid’s joints, Mikatan has posted a rather in-depth guide to fix them. Basically, you will need several tools to be prepared before attempting the fix. Further instructions are available at Mikatan’s blog, so pay it a visit and don’t forget to bookmark it as well, as it should be useful for all of us, Nendoroid collectors. ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

2 comments on “Mikatan Shows How to Repair Broken Nendoroid Joints

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  2. Edward Chow says:

    Hey, i recently ran into a problem with my snow miku figma Ex-016. i took two photos of the broken joints, was wondering if you had any advice. I saw your nendoroid posts but this figma joint is a lot smaller… im really saddened and frustrated by this. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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