Nendoroid Meruru – Next After Totori?

Meruru, heroine of Atelier Meruru

Meruru, heroine of Atelier Meruru

When I first saw Nendoroid Totori announced in the latest Winter Wonder Festival, and then the pre-order become available last month, IMHO Nendoroid Totori is too good for a standard release – she should be bundled with something. However, since the PS3 game Atelier Totori has been released, then it is impossible to bundle Totori with her game.

…. and now I just realized that GSC (and Gust) indeed has something in their sleeves: Atelier Meruru – which is going to have a limited edition with Nendoroid Meruru bundled! ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

Yes, Atelier Meruru is direct sequel to Atelier Totori, and makes it the third in the Atelier saga of Arland. Yes, it is going to be a PS3-exclusive release. The story revolves around Meruru (15), a young apprentice alchemist, with Totori (19) being her teacher. Hmm … do I see a déjà vu here? ^^

No, I do not refer to THIS Meruru. ^^;

No, I do not refer to THIS Meruru. ^^;

In any case, Atelier Meruru is going to be released on June 23 with the limited edition bundled with a crystal paperweight and Nendoroid Meruru (10290 Yen), while the standalone game would cost you 7140 Yen.

Seeing the release date is pretty near, the pre-order for the limited edition of Atelier Meruru should be available anytime soon. Are you going to take it, Nendonesian? ^^

2 comments on “Nendoroid Meruru – Next After Totori?

  1. Kyarra says:

    Awww….why don’t they make it a PSP release?!?
    Don’t have a PS3 and definitely would try to purchase a bundle if it would be a PSP release!

  2. Monchan says:

    Aww, I was all excited too :C I really want a Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru nendoroid

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