Rear View of Nendoroid Cirno

Nendoroid Cirno!

Nendoroid Cirno!

Well well well … what is this? A glorious view of Nendoroid Cirno‘s back? Plus, she is already completely painted. Now, I cannot wait to see how she looks like from the front, and how her other expressions and accessories looks like as well. Now, stop teasing us, Mikatan! ^^

(I got a hunch that Mikatan would be reviewing the latest Touhou Project character to join the Nendoroid army)

2 comments on “Rear View of Nendoroid Cirno

  1. Neko8124 says:

    Dang another Touhou girl man I just caught the Touhou crazy just tried to order Remui and need Marissa and Flandre and that Purple Pink batgirl gaaaahhhh I don’t even know there names curse GSC and my love for the Nendoroids ….Oh and Cirno is awesome must have her too

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