Nendoroid 136: Flandre Scarlet

Warning: this review may cause extreme blood loss. Extreme caution is needed

“Hello! My name is Flandre Scarlet!”

Ah… I see… you all have met her, our guest star for today! 😀

First thing I want to say… if you pay attention at her box, it will say her name as “Frandre Scarlet”. It’s not a typo XD

her name has 3 alternative spellings, which is Frandle Scarlet, Frandre Scarlet, and Frandoll Scarlet (taken from I’m sure that there’s one more called Flander… but I forgot where’d I read that :p

so… you all know her name is Flandre Scarlet… but who is she? Does “Scarlet” rings a bell?

Yup, she’s little sister of Remilia Scarlet (Nendoroid #115)! You can battle against her on Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Extra stage :3

or you can play as her on MoeDan… it’s more like a practice game for avoiding various danmaku though ^^

anyway, to the review!

Here’s what you’ll get!

x1 puffy hat

x2 alternate faces (happy -not mention innocent and could cause extreme blood loss- face, and… serious face)

x3 alternate hands (one for holding her Lävatein)

x2 alternate arms

x1 stand. Her stand has a picture of crystal shards (her wings?) and a cross in mirrored shape of her sister :3

and of course, her signature weapon and also one of her spellcard, Lävatein!

I’m trying my best to get this picture clear… sorry for my crappy skill ._.

anyway, can you see it? They actually made the nails! It’s really small (but nice) addition, and it really surprised me! XD

Her famous crystal wings, looks really good, I love it :3

the wings is removable (just like Remilia’s), so don’t worry for you who want to bring it out :3

Trying her serious face…

uh-oh. Better start run now or you’ll get turned into ashes! She may look like an innocent little girl, but she’s still a vampire! XD

Holding her weapon. Note here, unlike Remilia’s hand (which is designed specifically to hold Gungnir, with peg and hole), Flandre’s hand is designed to “just hold” it. You can use her hand to hold other things ^^

Without hat. Lovely blond hair :3

some pic showed that her hair look weird without hat… it’s not true at all! I love how she look with or without her hat :3

Note here, although hers and Remilia’s look similar, they have a few differences, which is:

1. Flandre’s hat is white colored

2. The ribbon is on the left part of her hat (Remilia’s on the right), and doesn’t have any white lines

With Marisa’s hat! Kyuuketsu-Mahou Shoujo Flandrisa is ready to go to punish some bad guys! XD

Buy her or not? Absolutely a must. Even if you aren’t fans of Touhou Project series, you still must get her! She’s just simply too adorable, too cute, too… too… too… too cool for you to not buy it! XD

and that end my review for this time…

“See you later!”

Sorry, can’t help it… she’s too adorable! XD

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8 comments on “Nendoroid 136: Flandre Scarlet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice review, cybie! ^^
    IMHO, her most interesting feature is her crystal wings – also serves as her unique signature ^^

  2. Bulletsmith says:

    loved it 🙂
    just wondering tho when or where can I buy this nendo? The store in this site doesn’t seems to update that much >.<

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, you could purchase it through some proxy store like Tokyo Hunter.
      Regarding our store, unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to grab some limited/exclusive products such as Flandre (and other Touhou Project Nendoroid for that matter). Note that we only serves Indonesian region. ^^

    • cybeast says:

      it’s hard to get Touhou related stuff on Indonesia… your best bet is ordered them through some online seller :3

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  4. […] the following is an updated description of Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet: The little sister of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is being rereleased! The much anticipated rerelease […]

  5. Touhou4life says:


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