Winner of Nendonesia Photo Contest #1

Nendonesia PhotoCon #1 Entries

Nendonesia PhotoCon #1 Entries

So you have submitted your entry and viewed the gallery of all participants … and now Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 evaluation process has finally been finished as well! So which photo entry is awarded as the best among all entries in the PhotoCon? See them after the break! ^^

UPDATE: Photo and message from the happy runner-up winner ^^

Before we get started with the winner announcement, I want to let you know that the contest judges also have their own favorites. Note that it does not necessarily impact the photo evaluation, although some of the fave photos get a high score as well. ^^

Well then, here are the listing of each judge’s favorites and their respective comments. ^^

Judge #1 – Pus2meong

Fave Photo #1: “Desert Panther” by Panzermaid

“This photo made me nearly smack my forehead into the wall, because there are some stuff that were not supposed to be there in the photo. However, I like its simple concept, and it made me confused to give a decent score for this entry.”

Fave Photo #2: “Cheesecake 4 Us” by Momonoji

“Yet another entry that made me smack my own forehead several times because it irritated me with its angle, distance, background, and lighting. That said, the idea is really simple, interesting, and really unique. The featured Nendoroid also suits the scene really well – I happened to have that Nendoroid as well. That’s why I like this photo.”

Judge #2 – Cybeast

Fave Photo #1: “Stressed Out” by Jonathan Edward Lee

“Well, this photo really expresses my feeling when facing the final term test 😦 – yes, this is how I felt when I studied for the test (fortunately I got a good score :P). Besides … this Nendoroid is one of my wishlisted Nendoroid as well. :)”

Fave Photo #2: “A Million Ways to Go Green” by Lionardi

“A nice choice of featured Nendoroid, both in expression and accessories. I really like this photo for its content which criticize how men live their lives today.”

Judge #3 – Rendoroid

Fave Photo #1: “Hide and Seek” by Willi Hardi

“very warm … definitely…”

Fave Photo #2: “Broken Heart” by Sh3rli

“…. dark… sad…. >.< ambiguity between finished and broken heart XD”

Judge #4 – Animaster

Fave Photo #1: “Hide and Seek” by Willi Hardi

“Lucchini’s naughty smile really suits the hide-and-seek atmosphere. I love its interactivity with the viewer (us) as well. ^^”

Fave Photo #2: “Stressed Out” by Jonathan Edward Lee

“It’s like looking at Riannon getting drowned deep inside all the spell books. Nicely done! ^^”


Well, those are our favorite entries for Nendonesia PhotoCon #1. So which photos are going to be the winner?

Let’s start from the Runner Up: “Miku vs Snail” by Marco K

Miku vs Snail by Marco K

Miku vs Snail by Marco K

Congratulations, Marco K! You have been awarded the 2nd place in Nendonesia PhotoCon #1. The prize (Nendoroid Petit Hatsune Miku) has been sent to your address – courtesy of rendoroid shoppe – and it should be arrived at your shipping address soon. ^^

UPDATE: Marco K dropped us a mail notifying that he has received the runner-up prize, as follow: (roughly translated from Bahasa Indonesia)

Hello, Nendonesia! I am Marco K, runner up of Photo Contest #1. I want to let you know that I have received the prize today. It is really cute 😀

Marco K and the adorable Miku-chan

Marco K and the adorable Miku-chan

By the way, I want to thank all judges of Nendonesia and Rendoroid Shoppe. Hopefully Nendonesia could hold many interesting events that could attract everyone to have fun with their Nendoroid in the future.

Well! We are glad that you are already having fun with Miku-chan there, Marco K. See you again in our next events! ^^


… and here is the winner of Nendonesia PhotoCon #1: “Stressed Out” by Jonathan Edward Lee

Stressed Out by Jonathan Edward Lee

Stressed Out by Jonathan Edward Lee

Congratulations, Jonathan Edward Lee! You are the Winner of Nendonesia PhotoCon #1. The undisclosed prize – your wished Nendoroid – has been sent to your shipping address – courtesy of rendoroid shoppe. Ah … you have received the prize, don’t you? ^^

Prize receipt

Prize receipt

Well then, here is the Top 10 of Nendonesia PhotoCon #1:

  1. “Stressed Out” by Jonathan Edward Lee
  2. “Miku vs Snail” by Marco K
  3. “Relaxing” by Raintive_Orion
  4. “Hide and Seek” by Willi Hardi
  5. “Drossel von Flügel, Abhebend!!” by Flame7651
  6. “Broken Heart” by Sh3rli
  7. “Flow of Wind” by Rachmat
  8. “A Million Ways to Go Green” by Lionardi
  9. “BRS: The Game?” by rions
  10. “A New Year” by balakadut

Well then, that’s all. Thank you for participating in Nendonesia Photo Contest #1, Nendonesian! Congratulations to the winner and see you all again in the next contest!

12 comments on “Winner of Nendonesia Photo Contest #1

  1. ShouTakuya says:

    Pls open the photo contest all over the world next time ^o^

  2. Orpheus-telos says:

    i know the prize!
    it is… *drumrolls*… nendoroid HATSUNE MIKU!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!!!

  4. Well… next time…
    *repeatedly hits head on table*

  5. cybeast says:

    congrats for all winner!

    and don’t feel down because you’re not in top 10… try again next time~ :3

  6. Bluedward says:

    the prize is indeed still a secret 😀

  7. Panzermaid says:

    omedetou! congratulation for the winner! ^^

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