Nendoroid 92: Kirisame Marisa

The Shut-in idol strikes again! Now with the review of our well-known monochrome thief! XD

Before we start… who is Marisa Kirisame? She’s one of our main characters in Touhou Project (though, she’s a boss in the first Touhou games if I recall it right)

Marisa is a hard working human, she always learn and sometimes “steal” her enemies movement… did I say steal? Because she’s also well-known for stealing Alice Margatroid and Patchouli Knowledge’s books/things/whatever xD

Oh wait, she doesn’t steal it… she just borrow it for indefinite time… XD

Let’s move to the review, shall we? :3

Note: please take care of your belonging, I won’t be responsible for any lost things >.>

The box. Pretty bland? I feel that too XD

Straight out of the box. You got:

The magic broom… not! It’s just an ordinary broom… seems Marisa can actually fly without that (then again, almost everyone in Gensokyo CAN fly -,-)

Her hat, looks like ordinary magician, yes? Well that’s what she always said when being asked! XD

Her signature weapon, the mini-Hakkero! Hakkero is an eight trigram reactor / elemental reactor blah blah blah (learn it for yourself, it’s interesting you know! XD)

Fun note: the original version of Hakkero has appeared on “Journey to the West” too! Can you guess where? :3

Her stand, has the eight trigram on it too… theoretically, this eight trigram can be used to calculate the nature blah blah blah so long so long… (told you, learn it for yourself! XD)

x3 alternate shoulders

x4 alternate hands

x1 alternate face

only 2 faces? Well, both her and Reimu (from my previous review), only have 2 faces… I think it’s one of the down point (at least for me)… 😦

Ready to shoot her signature attack, Love Sign, “Master Spark!”

Unlike Remilia (also from my previous review), her hat isn’t secure, but at least it won’t randomly fall like my Miyafuji Yoshika XD

If you didn’t notice, Marisa are floating on the picture above, so yes, she’s quite stable (or just stubborn enough, to the point she doesn’t want to fall :p)

The mini-Hakkero is attached to her hand via a small peg, and a small hole on her hand (just like Remilia and her Gungnir)

One more has come to disturb Reimu! Well… it looks like she doesn’t mind… and oh, please ignore that brown-small-thing-that-want-to-eat-dango-on-the-table, he doesn’t have anything to do with this review xD

Buy it or not? I’ll say… only buy it if you like her… or if you want to complete all Touhou Project nendoroids! Other than that… I don’t really see any reason to buy her >.<

Well that’s the end for this review :3

Please check your belongings before you leave, and see you again next time~ XD

Info: for you who want to know more about her Hakkero, you can get some information on a doujin titled “Unofficial Gensokyo Guide Book” (I got mine from there! XD)

6 comments on “Nendoroid 92: Kirisame Marisa

  1. bulletsmith says:

    Looking very nice with the Japanese house set :3
    Can’t wait for the Western House Set to fill in some Ojou-sama action with flan, remi and Sakuya XD

  2. Great review, Haru :3

    That convinces me :3

  3. cumie says:

    I want DOMO!!!

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