Real Nendoroid Ika Musume?

Nendoroid Ika Musume?

Nendoroid Ika Musume?

Ika Musume’s invasion is not over yet! Another photo of Nendoroid Ika Musume just popped up in one of Max Factory‘s blog. Whoa … it sure looks more legit now, doesn’t it? Yep, it seems that Max Factory are holding a custom-figure competition (internal contest?) and the finalist are announced in the post.

Now … are we going to see Ika Musume soon – supposedly at WonFes? Well, sit back, relax, and wait patiently for early February, shall we? ^^

Via Max Staff blog

13 comments on “Real Nendoroid Ika Musume?

  1. Julius Adi says:

    yayayayayayay XD actually i hope that ika-chan will be a petit 😀 cause i do think ika-chan is cute in small posture of petit and i want a lot of her and put it on everywhere 😀

    • Peach says:

      WAAAA! yes that would be so cute! but…i want her in regular nendoroid so that i can get at least one nendoroid, i only get nendoroids if i watched the anime sieries and loved it, and then i get the nendotoids, i only have three petits, so i REALY want ika to be in nendoroid form….. (>^-^)> SO CUTE!

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  3. Ben Martin says:

    so hope Ika becomes a full Nendo, she would be so cute trying to invade other nendoroid’s spaces 😀

  4. maybe this can be a “cure” for yuki miku xD

  5. FlawlessEXA says:

    The eyes don’t feel very Nendoroid. :/

    I will wait and see.

  6. Persocom says:

    Really hope she comes soon, I want one bad XD

  7. cumie says:

    want her so bad!!!

  8. […] Source: Max Factory Blog via Nendonesia […]

  9. Neko8124 says:

    I hope this version gets used I love the whole figure the hair is awesome

  10. Sure says:

    Mira que cute 🙂

  11. Key says:

    its very shiny for nendoroid . BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it so much!

  12. Lanz Silva says:

    Here nendo eyes aren’t good enough if you ask me its not very ‘invasive’ but rather looks innocent either way I’m still buying it.

    please change her eyes!!!

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