Nendoroid 74: Hakurei Reimu

The Shut-in Idol strikes back! Now with review of our well-known (for her poverty) Gensokyo’s Miiko! 😀

Note: I already have my Reimu for a looong time, but didn’t bother to review it xD

This is my friend’s request :3

So… before we start… what’s Gensokyo actually?

Gensokyo is a place where all the event on “Touhou Project” takes place, usually about our (poor) miiko named Hakurei Reimu going here and there to solve the problem (without being paid :p)

I won’t talk too much about the game here, because that’s not the point :3

Shall we start then~?

A quick view on Reimu and her accessories. Here’s what you got:

x1 alternate face (the so called face full of epicness that even a crying baby will stop… not!)

x3 alternate arms

x4 alternate hands (that wand is detachable from the hand, but for some reason mine won’t leave the hand… is it what they called love?). The amulets and tea cup aren’t detachable though

x1 stand (that has a yin-yang picture on it)

To be honest, as the first Touhou Nendoroid (and the heroine on almost all games!) her accessories is quite minimalistic… one more alternate face would not hurt anyone :<

All ready to go, to solve another problem today! (and without being pai- okay, I think I’ve use too much joke about her poverty XD)

Epic face! This face is the one who got me the most! I mean, you can tell how ignorant of her about her surrounding with this face! XD

and doesn’t it make you feel like in heaven? :p

Buy or not buy? For any Touhou lover, this one is a must buy! XD

for any of you that aren’t a Touhou lover, I will recommend her only if you can find her at reasonable price, otherwise… I don’t think it’s really worth it 🙂

(Me? I’m a huge touhou fans! XD)

and that end our review this time~ see you in next review~

17 comments on “Nendoroid 74: Hakurei Reimu

  1. Hyaaaaaaau~~~~~ senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai XDDDDDD
    Finally you reviewed her!!!! X3 was convincing!!! great summary :3

  2. Great!!! Thanks senpai!!! XDDDD
    It was convincing…:3

  3. FlawlessEXA says:

    For the first time, I see that you put her name backwards. :0

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  6. Ventusse says:

    only got her today
    SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!!

    btw: the gohei in her hand got stuck on my reimu too
    I tried to take it out, luckily it was a success but unluckily, the “papers” in the gohei popped out 😥

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