Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 Gallery

Nendonesia PhotoCon 1 entries

Nendonesia PhotoCon 1 entries

Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 submission period has been closed on January 11, 23:59 with a total of 63 photo entries submitted by Indonesia residents of Nendonesia. As promised, the gallery of submitted photos has been published and you can see them on either our Gallery page or this Flickr album.

Meanwhile, the photo evaluation is still not finished yet, but we think it should be done within the next 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned for the winner announcement soon, Nendonesian! ^^

3 comments on “Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 Gallery

  1. […] we started the gathering by viewing a showcase of Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 photo gallery. I apologize if the photos were not viewable because of the small screen size of my netbook. Well, […]

  2. […] you have submitted your entry and viewed the gallery of all participants … and now Nendonesia Photo Contest #1 evaluation process has finally […]

  3. […] Arachnider (Archi) came out as the winner in the quiz and he got a Nendonesia mug as the prize, while yozz00 won the runner-up prize, a set of exclusive photo postcards taken from Nendonesia Photo Contest #1. […]

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