Black Rock Shooter: Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2010

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter is kinda nervous in front of the camera

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter is kinda nervous in front of the camera

We have closed the poll for Nendonesia’s best Nendoroid of 2010 which had been running for a week and participated by 165 Nendonesians. Yep, I think you can already guess the winner: Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter. The cannon-wielder swordwoman win by quite some margin – the runner up only got less then 50% of her votes. ^^;

Anyway, here is complete listing of the ten nominee:

  1. Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter – 49 votes (30%)
  2. Nendoroid Nakano Azusa – 21 votes (13%)
  3. Nendoroid Amano Tooko – 20 votes (12%)
  4. Nendoroid Snow Miku – 20 votes (12%)
  5. Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition – 19 votes (12%)
  6. Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet – 9 votes (5%)
  7. Nendoroid Sherlock Shellinford (Sharo) – 8 votes (5%)
  8. Nendoroid Minami Chiaki – 5 votes (3%)
  9. Nendoroid Kochiya Sanae – 4 votes (2%)
  10. Nendoroid Izayoi Sakuya – 3 votes (2%)

Well, 2010 is really the year of Black Rock Shooter, so it is not a shocking result. Nendoroid BRS looks like a complete bargain – 3500 Yen (or less, if you get the discounted one) for a bunch of body parts, accessories, and bundled DVD of the OVA. So … congratulations, BRS-chan! You deserved the Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid 2010 award. (≧∇≦)/

Anyway, there are 7 of you who opted for “Others”, and I wonder what your fave Nendoroid are. Care to share it in the comments? What do you think about the polling result, Nendonesian? ^^

15 comments on “Black Rock Shooter: Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2010

  1. cumie says:

    Of course BRS win..
    cheap and abundant accessories..
    I bought her for Rp 300.000 only..
    cheaper than other regular nendoroid,,

  2. Anonymous says:

    congratulations chibi BRS 😉

    The Sherlock face is made of win XD
    I hope they release a non exclusive Nendoroid of her soon.

    lol my post turned out a bit unrelated to the post topic

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot blame you for commenting on Sherlock instead of BRS. ^^
      She is simply too cute (… and I am being out of topic now …)

  3. Arachnider_vestral_trigger says:

    well, I voted for my lovely saber… but she lost..
    it’s fine, since I do also love BRS ^^

    well, BRS is very photogenic too… ^^ so she deserves a win.. hahahha

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess Saber’s release date is a little late (to the year’s end) compared to BRS, and it may affect her votes against earlier released BRS. ^^

  4. Lukeba says:

    Sheryl’s face is just too cute~~ ^-^
    I really need it. These eyes~~ omg HHNNNNNNNNGGG~~~ >w<

    I voted for BRS too [even though my fave of the year was Sheryl] because she was THE nendo of the year since she went to a lot of houses around the world, had a heavy adversiment and 2010 year was probably the B★RS year.

  5. Anton_eduque says:

    Uwaaa, Shelly face+BRS XD. Its hard to find a Nendo Sharo nowadays (amiami is sold out), anyway tips on how to get her?

  6. Chocofish03 says:

    i think the best is the Nendoroid Minami Chiaki,,,:D

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  9. TakoTalk says:

    I think the downfall with Sharo not winning is because she was an exclusive, so not many people could get their hands on her.

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