Short Review: Petite Nendoroid Harumi Hosono

It’s me again! This time, it’s a short review time about a certain alien! 😀

So… who/what is Harumi Hosono, you ask? Well… there isn’t much info about her…

All I know is she’s from manga titled “Harumi Nation”, it’s about life of high school girls, and Harumi is an alien who can fly.

The mangaka is the same person who draw Touhou Doujin titles, such as “Akeome, Hayai, Atsui, etc” 😀

The manga itself is hard to understand, unless you’re good in Japanese too, mainly because it contain much words play xD

enough with the manga, let’s move on to the main course, shall we? :3

What you see is what you get. Yep, no accessories, just Harumi, and her stand, bundled with “Harumi Nation” Vol. 2 xD

to be honest, it’s really plain… but then… I don’t know what accessories will fit for her xD

The expression is priceless though, and overall, I won’t realize she’s an alien from first glance xD

(after all, flying isn’t just for alien :p)

Nice flower on her hair…

The difference between her and normal petite nendoroid. Her hands are really small, and aren’t movable xD

(but still cute)

Get her or not?

This is really hard to decide… personally, I bought her because I like the mangaka’s drawing style (I mean, look at those eyes! xD), and I got it with reasonable price… so yes… this Petite is really up to you… but personally I will recommend her for anyone who like the manga or like her face XD

The End~ till next review :9

8 comments on “Short Review: Petite Nendoroid Harumi Hosono

  1. Anonymous says:

    Her “priceless” expression reminds me of Danbo and Nendoroid Nankyoku Sakura.
    Nice review (and photos), cybie! ^^

  2. Julius Adi says:

    what!? where did you get her? it’s DIOXIN!! my fav touhou doujin author 😀 please bring her when we have another gath 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    She looks really funny and I like the simplicity of this petite nendoroid
    The flower at her head is a nice detail ;D

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