Nendoroid 98: Usa Mimi

For those who hate reading english, go to for Indonesian language.  Else, keep reading 🙂

Also, I apologize for the photo quality.
Since my photography skill already suck to begin with. So go ahead, please blame my shitty equipment :p

I actually already got this Nendoroid for a long time ago, decided to put her in overprice tag because I don’t wanna her get sold, if someone eventually buy it, oh well… (But as I expected, no one insterested :D)

Anyway, Usa Mimi (her full name mean: Rabbit Ear, btw :p) Is a character from Kodomo no Jikan. She’s one of the trio “little rascal”, the other two are Kokonoe Rin and Kagami Kuro. Rin and Kuro already released, so Mimi is the last one.

Usa Mimi came with:

  • 3 x Face plate (happy (default), crying, scared)
  • 1 x School bag
  • 2 x sets of arms
  • 2 x sets of legs
  • 1 x set of display base (base, tray, and joint rod)
  • 1 x sticker (pin & Recorder)
  • 1 x glass eye (attached)

Nendoroid Usa Mimi was sculpted by JUN E.V, the same guy who sculpting all of Touhou Nendoroid series. Surprisingly enough, she wasn’t as popular as Rin Kokonoe. I saw many shop and seller put her in huge discount, but personally I think she’s deserved to get a lot of love from any Nendoroid collector 😀

The way she look like inside the box probably not too attractive at all (especially because of Her glass eye). However, when she eventually get out of the box, her real cute charm is working instantly :p

I swear to God, one of my friend ever said if He dislike Nendoroid Usa Mimi. But then I brought Her to Him and guess what? He actually shows His interest and took Her from my hand 😀 One of hHs friend also asking me to find another one for Him (gaah, why people always asking me to do this whenever a product already sold out from the retailer ?)

If you following Kodomo no Jikan, it mean you already knew if Usa Mimi is easy to get teased and crying. That’s why her face plate only got one happy face. Her body is “too well developed” for grade school kid, so don’t be surprised if you saw something on her chest 😀

The main reason why she’s not too attractive, probably because her glass eye is covering Her face. Her glass eye is a frosty type, not a clear type. Her front hair and bang also covering almost entire of her face too. This is why people hardly see Her cuteness. You need to remove or change her glass eye for better viewing.

Nendoroid Usa Mimi also one of few Nendoroids who can stand by them self without the need of displaying base. This, will safe you from the trouble on carrying many accessories.

My only complain is, her braid joint using a short pin (or peg, call it whatever name you like). While the tip of her hair using L joint. Because of this, it’s kinda hard to make her in short hair style like Rin Kokonoe. Unless, you got a blu-tack 🙂

Other than that, she actually worth to get. And if you start to considering on getting her, do it quick! She already sold out at most retailer, you don’t wanna end up paying double the price, or even worst; triple, right?

Again, you can check out the Indonesia language of this review at:
Warning: contain EYD (Ejaan yang Dingawurkan :D)

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4 comments on “Nendoroid 98: Usa Mimi

  1. cumie says:

    very nice review,,
    who says that your photos are bad???
    I like your photos..

    I have Usa Mimi
    I used to hate her too..
    but, I bought her because I owned Kokonoe Rin
    so I bought her as long with Kagami Kuro..
    later on, I Love Her..
    she can stand without stand base because of her hair
    and, I realized that her face is so cute..

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice review senpai!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Also, I apologize for the photo quality.
    Since my photography skill already suck to begin with. So go ahead, please blame my shitty equipment :p”

    It is not true at all. The photos are awesome, the review is detailed, what more do you ask? ^^

    Thanks for the great review! ^^

  4. Pus2meong says:

    Thanks all.

    Well, the photos is over exposured because Mimi’s pink dress. And I only use one light source with…. 7 watts el-cheapo fluorescent lamp, and small diffuser 😀

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