Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2010

Nendonesia's best Nendoroid nominee for 2010

Nendonesia's best Nendoroid nominee for 2010

We will leave 2010 and begin a new year 2011 in a few days. Let’s take a look back for a moment and kindly help us choose a Nendoroid to be awarded Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid of 2010. Yep, we have chosen ten Nendoroid nominees for you to choose. Kindly cast your vote in the poll below and if he/she is not included in the nominee list, then choose “Others” and post it in the comment section. ^^

So the nominees are … *drum rolls*

Note: The poll has been closed. Thank you for your votes, Nendonesian! ^^

Nendonesian, choose your favorite Nendoroid for 2010! ^^

Nendonesian, choose your favorite Nendoroid for 2010! ^^

9 comments on “Nendonesia’s Best Nendoroid for 2010

  1. cumie says:

    vote mine..

  2. cumie says:

    I’ll put this page to my blog okay

  3. Kona says:

    Syaroi most cute for me but to bad she so expensive,Reni,sakuya and sanae is same a little bit more expensive and limited. Snow miku is same like miku only diffrent desIgn. Chiaki, tooko and azusa also cute but standard as nendo. BRS a little bit win couse she come with OVA DVD, chanco face and cheap with usual nendo. I choice Saber couse her new super moveabel Made her can pose so many type i hope next figure will coming like that too ^^”

  4. Anonymous says:

    where’s theia~!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Julius Adi says:

    vote for BRS cause i really love chanxco face! it’s my fav fae plate now 😀

  6. Arachnider_vestral_trigger says:

    I have both saber and azusa… I love them both… but I think SABER IS A WIN for me..
    she got so many gimmicks, even if her right arm (for my saber) is a little bit loose… but she’s great ^^

    vote for saber ^^

  7. Miki says:

    I voted for Saber since I’m waiting for her and she’s on the list (and I’m sure she’s going to be awesome!) but I also happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE the Archbishop. I’m not sure if it’s thanks to my love for religious themed outfits, for the Ragnarok Online game or for Porings, but she’s the cutest ever. :3

  8. […] are reaching toward the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 in a few days. Similar to last year, we are going to conduct a poll to decide which Nendoroid is considered the best among all for this […]

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