GSC Top Sales for 2010 Revealed; Petit Hibichika’s Box Displayed

Nendoroid Hibiki and Chikagi

Nendoroid Hibiki and Chikagi

Mika-tan’s last blog post for 2010 reveals Good Smile Corporation’s top selling products for 2010. Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter claims the runner-up while her figma counterpart claims the first place. Nendoroid and figma are surely gaining huge popularity (and sales) boost in 2010. ^^

Anyway, TYPE-MOON’s Comiket 79 exclusive Petit from Mahou Tsukai no Hako has their own box now, as displayed in Mika-tan’s blog post. This Petit set is officially dubbed Nendoroid Petit Mahou Tsukai no Hako Set, featuring Nendoroid Petit Hibino Hibiki and Katsuragi Chikagi (also known as Hibichika). Aside from the Petits, this set also includes a booklet (one page is written by Mika-tan) and priced at 3000 Yen. More info can be found in TYPE-MOON’s Comiket page. ^^

Via Mika-tan’s blog

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