Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set Released

Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set

Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set

So you have been collecting Nendoroid from K-ON! series? Now you can further complete your K-ON! collection with Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set which has been released as of today. Fresh from Takanori Aki’s tweet is a photo of the light music club members ready to play their tunes in Petit size. Another photo from Akiba blog shows a bunch of boxes of Nendoroid Petit K-ON! that were sold separately as trading figurines.

Boxes of Nendoroid Petit K-ON!

Boxes of Nendoroid Petit K-ON!

I have pre-ordered this Petit set, and hopefully it would arrive on the first week of the new year. Are you waiting for them too, Nendonesian? ^^

Via Twitter and AkibaHobby

9 comments on “Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set Released

  1. Haruha Souko says:

    where did u took that last photo? 😉

  2. Jojo says:

    yep just paid for my pre-order

  3. cumie says:

    I hope there will be someone who want to buy the uniform-wearing petit
    because i only want the bikini one..

  4. Lionhearts13 says:

    Yup! I am waiting from them too! they will be my first Nendoroid ever!!!

    BTW I love both the swimsuit set and the uniform set, and I am a little bit worried about not getting them all (which is probably what will happen, since the bock are packed randomly). Is somebody in my situation? I wonder if we could trade our extra nendoroids for missing ones, or maybe there is a place (like a forum) when they have had this idea already!

    Sorry if it is a silly question, as I have said, I am new on nendoroids!

    BTW this articles are so great and useful!

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to the Nendoroid realm! ^^

      If you ordered the Nendoroid Petit K-ON! Set (not purchasing them each separately), then rest assured that you would get the whole Petits. As far as I know, the random-packed set are only sold at retail stores. ^^

      Glad that you like the article. ^^

      • SakuraLH13 says:

        Well I got the set at Hobby Link Japan, I saw they had a notice there saying they cant guaratee you get all in one package, so I assumed mine will have repeated girls :S! I wish I won’t have any repeated girls, since I am a fan of all k-on characters (but i must confess Azu-nya is my favourite <3!)

        Thanks for the warm wellcome!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hopefully you could get the whole set with no repeated figurines. ^^

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