Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Heroines Set

Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Set

Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Set

It’s the first post-Christmas Nendoroid news! *ahem* Some leading manufacturers from visual novel game industry are partnering with GSC to release Nendoroid Petit set of heroines from some popular visual novel games. This Petit set is dubbed Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Set (BGM開催記念「ねんどろいどぷち」5体セット – Google-Translated ^^) which consists of:

  1. Miyamura Miyako from ef ~a fairy tale of the two~
  2. Asakura Otome from Da Capo II
  3. Uesugi Kenshin from Sengoku Rance
  4. Shiino Kirari from Kira☆Kira
  5. Watarai Asuka from Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

The whole Petit set is priced at 3500 Yen and scheduled for release on April 2011 – possibly coinciding with BGM Festival event date, which is April 16, 2011. What do you think, Nendonesian? Are you getting them? ^^

Via B.G.M Fes official website via 2chan

6 comments on “Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Heroines Set

  1. FlawlessEXA says:

    While I like eroge & play them on a regular basis, all these girls are from games that I have not played. ^ ^;

    Quite tempting.

  2. Fuu-cHan says:

    why did i open this page….TToTT

  3. Jojo says:

    This set looks so cute.Will it be available from all the usual stores or is it an on-line
    exclusive for Japan

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  5. […] Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Heroines Set […]

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