Nendoroid Saikou and Shuujin Arrived on Mikatan’s Desk

Nendoroid Saikou (left) and Shuujin (right)

Nendoroid Saikou (left) and Shuujin (right)

キタ━━━(゜   ∀゜  )━━━!!!!! Woaaah! The Nendoroid of mangaka duo from Bakuman has finally arrived on Mikatan’s desk! Yep, Nendoroid Saikou (Mashiro Moritaka) and Nendoroid Shuujin (Takagi Akito) are getting their photo session by Mikatan today – courtesy of Phat! Company.

Nendoroid Saiko brings a plenty of accessories with him, such as a work desk, complete with a pen, ink, drawing board, and also two Nendo-sized volumes of Shonen Jack; not to mention his epic expressions. Meanwhile, Nendoroid Shuujin brings along a cellphone, a portfolio case, an idea note, two pairs of glasses, and three awesome expressions. You can see more photos of them in Mikatan’s blog.

For 3800 Yen (Saikou) and 3500 Yen (Shuujin), these Nendoroid duo from Takeshi Obata’s Bakuman easily slide into my pre-order list. Yes, they are open for pre-order starting December 24, 2010. Are you thinking of getting them too, Nendonesian? ^^

UPDATE: Pre-order date for Nendoroid Saikou and Nendoroid Shuujin (thanks for the correction, Singer_Yuna! ^^)

Via Mikatan’s blog

5 comments on “Nendoroid Saikou and Shuujin Arrived on Mikatan’s Desk

  1. Singer_Yuna says:

    Not tomorrow, 24th of december ^^ Also, the nendonesian photocontest isn’t international, is it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the correction, Singer_Yuna. It seems that I was too excited about the news that I overlook the pre-order date. ^^;

      Yep, sadly, the photocon is only open for Nendonesian who lives in Indonesia. Nothing technical really, it’s just that the international shipping fee for the prizes are extremely expensive here in Indonesia, so we decided to limit it to Indonesia residents only.

      m(_ _)m

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  3. […] The eccentric manga-ka Niizuma Eiji from manga/anime series Bakuman, is seemingly set to have his own Nendoroid rendetion. The announcement is mentioned in the latest chapter (156) of the manga series. No pic of its prototype just yet, let alone its release info. However, it is almost certain that he will be manufactured by Phat Company, who made the Nendoroid of Bakuman’s two main characters. […]

  4. […] Yep, according to the latest chapter of Bakuman manga (chapter 159, page 3), Nendoroid Azuki Miho -Mashiro Moritaka‘s fiancée- will be made into Nendoroid as well, following Nendoroid Niizuma Eiji who has […]

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