Amagami Also Gets Some Nendoroid Love

Nendoroid Nanasaki Ai and Morishima Haruka

Nendoroid Nanasaki Ai and Morishima Haruka

We are having an overload of Nendoroid news today! While we have not recovered from the Bakuman duo drooling gallery, there is one more news of upcoming Nendoroid. Yep, this time we are looking at a pair of cute girls from Amagami series: Nendoroid Nanasaki Ai and Nendoroid Morishima Haruka. Although they are merely design currently, I am pretty sure that we will be seeing their prototype shortly.

Well, are you excited to see Nendoroid Ai and Haruka, Nendonesian? Did you watch/play Amagami? ^^

(Thanks to KairiZero for the news tip!)

UPDATE: It looks like these Nendoroid pair from Amagami is going to be released on mid 2011 and will be a limited release, bundled with … Blu-ray and DVD? ^^;

5 comments on “Amagami Also Gets Some Nendoroid Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amagami SS is such a nice romantic show,Im a huge fan of it
    Im interested to see the final Nendoroids soon 🙂

  2. desolato says:

    I definitely won’t be able to resist these, even if I gave up buying nendoroids.. I just.. no, I must.. make an exception for Haruka.~

  3. I think I’ll go get Ai, love to see how she turns out

  4. Too bad it didn’ t include Tsukasa Ayatsuji xD but Ai and Haruka is my big 3 fav heroine too

  5. […] Morishima Haruka from Amagami SS was announced almost a year ago (December 2010), and after being seen in prototype on the last WonFes, she is […]

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