Nendoroid 89: Nendoroid Theia Review

Meet me again! Now in review of Nendoroid Theia!

Who is Theia, you may ask… from what I know, Theia is a character from online game “Lucent Heart” (or Zodiac), made by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Sadly, there’s no further info other than that 😦

Well, now let’s start the review, shall we? 🙂

As usual, we start from what the box look like. Pretty color she has there ^^

Out of the box. No plastic, since I’ve removed them before starting this review xD

Quite nice… so she has a magic star rod, a lion (?) as a companion, and two extra faces (smiling and annoyed). Also, a pair of extra hands/arms

Stand? Who need stand? Not Theia of course! With a little help from her back ribbon, she can stand without much problem! And this is a good thing for me, because of some reason I’ll talk about next…

Her stand. Pretty normal and standard ^^

The problem is, I can’t insert the peg into the hole… It’s as if the peg is too big, or the hole is too small, so I just leave it like this ;_;

Good thing Theia can stand by her own, though ^^

The lion! He(She?)’s pretty simple. Joints on legs, tail, and head. Just like petit nendoroid ^^

My most favorite face! Isn’t she cute? 😀

By the way, Theia’s head can’t look down, due to the large ball/bell on her neck. It’s hardly matter though…

Uh-oh, she’s mad because you won’t buy her… run for your life!

Last picture… who doesn’t agree with me that this look cute, please kill yourself 🙂

(just kidding, please be more careful with your life)

Buy or not buy?

It depends on you, actually. I will recommend to buy it, since she’s so cute and I love her hair color/style ^^

If you can get it with reasonable price, why hesitate? Believe me, she’s really worth your money :3

okay, till next time~

5 comments on “Nendoroid 89: Nendoroid Theia Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that’s why I purchased Theia when she got re-issued for a short period (and short amount) a few months ago. Overload of cuteness indeed! ^^

  2. cumie says:

    nice review..
    and nice photo..
    it’s nice using your new camera?

  3. Nendor0idgal says:

    She is totally cute, she’s one of my favorites on my shelf. Too bad about the peg though…

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