Nendoroid Saiko and Shujin from Bakuman (Updated)

Nendoroid Saiko and Shujin

Nendoroid Saiko and Shujin

Another Takeshi Obata’s series has been made into Nendoroid. This time, it’s Nendoroid Saiko (Mashiro Moritaka) and Nendoroid Shujin (Takagi Akito) from Bakuman. The details are still pretty scarce at the moment, but both of them have already had a pricing. Nendoroid Saiko will be priced at 3800 Yen, while Nendoroid Shujin’s price tag is 3500 Yen. They will also carry three face plates and some accessories – would it be some kind of room/environment and stuff for creating manga? In any case, stay tuned for more updates on them later. ^^

(I hope they will also make both Miho and Kaya into Nendoroid too … ^^;)

UPDATE: Both Nendoroid Saiko and Nendoroid Shujin is scheduled for April 2011 release!

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13 comments on “Nendoroid Saiko and Shujin from Bakuman (Updated)

  1. desolato says:

    They must be full-sized Nendoroids for that size, right? Quite rare for them to pick males again, but well, nice job! I really don’t think they should discriminate between Shujin and Saiko’s price.. though. Both are looking really cute though, but not sure whether I would get them or not..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, both Saiko and Shujin are regular-sized Nendoroid.
      As you said, it’s quite unpopular for them to release another male Nendoroid.
      I guess the price differences would affect the parts/accessories they would bring. ^^

  2. Nendor0idgal says:

    They are so cute, and because they are male, I totally want them (and they are just so adorable.) I need more boys to round out my girl nendoroids.

  3. Singer_Yuna says:

    I want one Akito! and I will add to my April Kirino and maybe I cancel my Cordelia petit nendoroid if there is a 10cm one ^^

  4. Julius Adi says:

    i want miho n kaya too!!

  5. FM says:

    Looks like [Phat Company] is the one releasing them. I’m glad that Phat Company is releasing plenty of male characters (Sengoku Basara and now Bakuman). I guess this means that after the Western Life Set we can predict a Mangaka Studio Set!

  6. […] are you up for Kyon to accompany your Haruhi and Yuki, Nendonesian? Me? Personally, I prefer the mangaka pair of Bakuman though. […]

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