Nendoroid Aldra from Queen’s Blade Prototype

Prototype of Nendoroid Aldra

Prototype of Nendoroid Aldra

The victor of past two Queen’s Blade tournament is now ready to enter Nendoroid realm, courtesy of FREEing. Yep, the prototype of the powerful half-demon, Nendoroid Aldra has been spotted in a magazine scan as you can see above. Well, I am not particularly interested with the previous Queen’s Blade Nendoroid but this one … looks really cool (or bad-ass, if you prefer ^^). Let’s see what kind of expressions and accessories she will bring along beside the one pictured above. She is due to be out sometimes on 2011 (summer? spring?).

One comment on “Nendoroid Aldra from Queen’s Blade Prototype

  1. […] Aldra‘s prototype was previously seen on a magazine scan a few months ago and now her colored version has been revealed thanks to the latest Japanese figure magazine scan. […]

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