Valkyria Chronicles 3 Gets Nendoroid Bundle!? (Updated)

Preview image for Nendoroid (Petit?) of Imca and Riera from VC 3

Preview image for Nendoroid (Petit?) of Imca and Riera from VC 3

Well well well … what do we have here? The third installment of Valkyria Chronicles for PSP will get some Nendoroid treatment? Yep, it seems that SEGA has teamed up with GSC to produce Nendoroid Imca and the Valkyrie Nendoroid Riela Marcellis from Valkyria Chronicles 3. There are no availability about the pricing and availability yet, but the PSP game’s scheduled release date is January 27, 2011.

Ah … if they are really going to bundle the Nendoroids with the game … I am totally sold. What about you, Nendonesian? ^^;

UPDATE: Valkyria Chronicles 3 will get an OVA, which will be released (digitally) via PlayStation Store in Spring 2011. Coincidentally, Nendoroid Imca and Nendoroid Riela Marcellis are also scheduled for Spring 2011 release although it is still unknown whether they will bundle these Nendoroid with the non-digital version of the OVA or released separately as limited/regular Nendoroid. At least we knew that it would not be bundled with the PSP package. (Thank goodness … ^^)

5 comments on “Valkyria Chronicles 3 Gets Nendoroid Bundle!? (Updated)

  1. Shiddo says:

    Insta get ^^ Game or not. Huge VC fan and can’t wait for 3rd title ^^ (pity its PSP -_-)
    Anyway these are labeled normal Nendo logo… so there is a chance they will be released as common nonexclusive Nendos ^^ Hard to imagine how would they bundle both to PSP game hehe ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      I have just updated the post. Those VC3 Nendoroid will not be bundled with the game. They are going to be released in Spring 2011 along with the newly announced OVA version of VC3. I guess they will be a limited Nendoroid … possibly released as WonFes exclusive. Hopefully I am wrong about this one … ^^;

  2. Singer_Yuna says:

    I hope they won’t be exclusive of the game or maybe for another month than january…so I could save money for both (will they be a pack of 2 in one box??)

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems like your wish has been granted. ^^I just happened to update the post with a new tidbit: those adorable VC3 Nendoroid would not be bundled with the game AND they are not going to be released on January as well.Regarding the package, there are still no info about it, but it is pretty likely to have them both in a box … possibly for WonFes exclusive package? ^^;

  3. […] Riela Marcellis and Nendoroid Imca from the PSP game Valkyria Chronicles 3 have been announced back then on November and there is neither new info nor pics about them since then … until Mikatan mentioned about […]

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