Nendoroid Army-san Photos

Nendoroid Army-san

Nendoroid Army-san

Recently, GSC was moving to a new office … and actually, they are now sitting alongside Phat! Company office. What’s the impact? Well … Mikatan could get her hand on the new master figures for Nendoroid from their new neighbour now. Today, she got Nendoroid Army-san to attend her usual photo session.

As you have probably known, Nendoroid Army-san brings a plenty of equipments with her, namely: an M2 machine gun, a ration, a tactical belt, a dog collar, and also a helmet. The bad news is … she will be a Hobby Channel limited edition Nendoroid, so be prepared for a higher price tag than regular Nendoroid. Well then, enjoy more of her photos here in Mikatan’s blog post. ^^

3 comments on “Nendoroid Army-san Photos

  1. Neko8124 says:

    any news on her release yet @_@ where is my army-san

    • Anonymous says:

      No further info yet, but according to the schedule, she should be
      released pretty soon – probably by the end of this month. ^^

  2. […] the way, Nendoroid Army-san was available for pre-order since October 2010 (and previewed), and she has been released as of today as well! Now, you can pose Nendoroid Pixel Maritan, […]

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