Colored Nendoroid Lynette Bishop Spotted

Nendoroid Lynette Bishop

Nendoroid Lynette Bishop

So you are thinking of adding another member to your Strike Witches Nendoroid Army? Then, here you go: Nendoroid Lynette Bishop – which was previously spotted as uncolored version during WonFes. There are no info regarding her pricing yet, but it is safe to assume that she will be ready on Q1 2011 at least she got a release date: April 2011 (thanks to yakumo). Are you getting this one, Nendonesian?

5 comments on “Colored Nendoroid Lynette Bishop Spotted

  1. yakumo says:

    actually it has a release date
    April 2011

  2. Nugra says:

    woah another poison :_;

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