Nendoroid Konpaku Youmu Photos

Nendoroid Konpaku Youmu

Nendoroid Konpaku Youmu

Mikatan kept her promise to show the photos of 7th Touhou Project Nendoroid: Konpaku Youmu. As seen on the photos, Nendoroid Konpaku Youmu will also bring along some nice accessories aside of the usual expressions, including the ghost floating around her body and also her sword – Roukanken and Hakurouken. Enjoy the awesome gallery of Youmu-chan on Mikatan’s blog post.

Psst … Mikatan is also dropping a hint about the 8th Touhou Project Nendoroid: Saigyouji Yuyuko. ^^

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  1. […] pricing has not changed, though her re-release schedule is set for December 2012 […]

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