Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition is Released!

Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition

Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition

The first super-movable Nendoroid ever: Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition has been released in Japan as of today. So, what’s so special about her? Well, of course it’s her joints. Unlike other previous Nendoroid, this super movable Saber has joints on her elbows and ankles – reminds me of Nendoroid Petit Hachune Miku. This Saber also brings along some of her swords and the sheaths – which looks to be very well sculpted.

Aside from her usual photo session, GSC staff Mikatan also held a small photo competition to celebrate this super-movable Nendoroid’s release. Here’s the details:

How to apply:

  1. Create an awesome pose for Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition.
  2. Take some photos of it – mobile phone camera shoots are also accepted.
  3. Send it to with the subject/title: “セイバーで遊んでみたお” along with your name and comment in the e-mail body.


  1. The most important factor is the POSE. Image quality doesn’t matter.
  2. You are allowed to use expression from any characters.
  3. Feel free to use other little items, but focus on the posing.

Mikatan, along with her Takanon and Ota-P will choose several winners from the submitted photos. The photos will be displayed in the blog and the winners will receive a small gift from Mikatan.

Enjoy Mikatan’s photos and read more details about the competition in her blog post here. Ready to pose your Saber, Nendonesians? ^^

  • The submission deadline is November 7th midnight (UTC+9).
  • 2 comments on “Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition is Released!

    1. cumie says:

      how could Indonesian’s collectors join the competition since we haven’t get the nendoroid yet..

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep … I guess this competition is not applicable for us, Indonesian Nendo collectors, unfortunately. T____T

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