Nendoroid 115: Remilia Scarlet

The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon, Remilia Scarlet, has also made her way to Path of Nendoroid, and here is her review! 😀

A bit introduction… who is Remilia Scarlet?

She’s Sakuya Izayoi’s mistress (Sakuya already covered on my previous review), and also the last stage boss on Touhou 6 – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Touhou Koumakyu). A bit trivia: being on touhou 6, stage 6, also 6 spellcards, make her perfectly being a devil (666 – number of the devil)

let’s move on to the content~

Remilia straight out of the box~ not so straight though, since I’ve already removed the plastic XD

Accessory wise, she is far more minimalistic than her servant, she doesn’t even get her chain! ._.

but size wise, she looks more dense, mainly because of the size of her hat XD

Remilia free from her “jail”. Accessories consist of her Gungnir, and her puffy hat. Alternate faces consist of “sinister smile” face, and “serious” face. Alternate hands consist of two closed fists, and one open hand to hold her Gungnir ^^

Her stand’s design is quite crowded, it consist of bats (one of her spell card on Scarlet Weather Rhapsody), Moon, and Cross (possibly refer to her spell card, Scarlet Sign, “Scarlet Devil”) but still no chains 😦

a bit note, her wings are removeable, and can be moved up and down. Using her wings, Remilia doesn’t even need a stand XD

Wearing her hat. Although I’m taking any picture of it (failed badly ._.), but you can take her upside down, and her hat won’t come off 🙂

Remilia’s body. Notice something strange? Yup, there’s something look like a “tab”. to prevent the body from rotating. Is that really needed? I’m not sure for now ^^

Holding her Gungnir, ready to fight the heroines on last stage of EoSD!

Sinister smile. I like this expression, it’s just look like she’s teasing someone right now (it’s the thing she good at :p)

Together with her servant, make a team called “Visionary Scarlet Devil” to find out who’s the culprit behind fake moon!

(Touhou 8 – Imperishable Night, also known as Touhou Eiyashou)

Buy or not? If you ask me, then I’ll surely say yes! She is my favorite character, and good thing nendoroid can bring out her cuteness, and at the same time, her charisma (no, without break) 😀

The end of Scarlet Devil invasion~ for now~

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8 comments on “Nendoroid 115: Remilia Scarlet

  1. nakeruze says:

    very good review !

    the end? wait for her sister when she’s released

  2. Anonymous says:

    Touhou Project’s invasion to Nendoroid realm is far from over … ^^

  3. Here I am!
    Oh wow, somehow I felt a great passion inside this review, and I think all of us know why :”P
    Hahah, then let my humble mind tells you its opinion.
    Well, I really like this one, since Gungnir is included, and her legendary pose *trollface that looks like she’s teasing someone* could be created, so I’m gonna buy her for sure… Waiting for the imouto-sama’s review though :3

  4. […] as you may have noticed, I used Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet‘s faceplate there in order to re-create the evil-looking red eyes. ^^ Side-front view Left […]

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