Everything Need a Process

Meet me again, the shut-in (not so idol, but still cute :p)

And … here is just my another random talk about life. I’ll use some pictures to make it more understandable, since I tend to confuse people 😀

Do you realize that everything in this world come from a process? Yes! Nendoroid don’t come out instantly from thin air! (well, it’s still a process though, from thin air, forming itself, thickened, until become perfect nendoroid)

… And so you are!

Imagine this floor is the foundation. That is, your family, who has take care of you since you were born, someday they will leave you, but their love will always in your heart.

The second one (but not for all people) is religion/belief. I won’t go into any specific one, but sometimes we need religion/belief so that we can keep going even when we don’t have anyone beside us.

As you grow up, you’ll have a wall. What’s this? It’s your knowledge, your heart, and your morale. Notice there’s a door?

The door is where you let something you want to come and become part of you, just of how you’d refuse stranger, and you will accept your friend into your house, you need to choose which one you want to let it. They’ll represent you 😀

Next one! Let’s say you’ve already chosen … then this is you from inside!

The decoration is what you let in… for example, the bears means you like to protect your friends, and the table represents you like “H” (just example, don’t take it seriously! XD)

What’s after all of that?

It’s of course, people who’re close to you! They’ll see you in almost everything you do. Some will get comfortable with you, maybe some people will get annoyed (but believe me, they will disappear before you notice them)

What’s this long post for?

I just want to talk that you, as a human being, be it fat, thin, lazy, crazy, smart, kind, evil, or whatever, comes from a process, you aren’t instantly made like this. And remember, this process can be interrupted (although sometimes it’s too late, as we grow older before we even noticing). So, while there’s still time, talk with person close to you, and become a better person!

That’s all~ thank you~

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