Nendoroid – The Faces List

Nendoroid Faces Listing

Nendoroid Faces Listing

“Hmmm … this one is probably Ritsu’s face … err, no, maybe Yui’s … or … Azunyan’s … ?” As your Nendoroid collection grows, there might be time when you’re starting to get confused with which faces belong to whom. Fortunately, someone from 2ch decided to create a huge “poster” consisted of Nendoroid faces to tackle your problem. Although it’s still a draft – with only recent Nendoroids made themselves to the list – it’s still worth to look into.

If you have some spare time, maybe you could fill in the blanks and expand the listing to contain more Nendoroid faces, then share it with us so we can have a complete face listing. ^^

Click here to view and download the face listing.

2 comments on “Nendoroid – The Faces List

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a very uncomplete beta list and Sherlock nendo owns 1 face more, but the final result can be astonishing *.*

  2. […] Just added this in case anyone is interested at the different nendo faces which their pictures might need. Saw this at animaster’s flickr account and from nendnoasia […]

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