Nendoroid Dead Master Available for Pre-order

Nendoroid Dead Master

Nendoroid Dead Master

So you have gotten your hand the Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter? Now’s the time to pre-order her companion: Nendoroid Dead Master. Yep, some online retailers have started taking pre-order for her today.

Just like BRS, Dead Master also brings along some extra ordinary accessories: death-scythe, Nendoroid-sized skulls, a pair of horns and devil wings. She also has a facial expression based on CHANxCO illustration (BRS has one too)! Really cute!! ^^

She’s slated for (guess, guess) December 2010 release, with a price tag of 3500 Yen. *phew* My poor wallet will be getting holes everywhere on this year’s end. T__T

3 comments on “Nendoroid Dead Master Available for Pre-order

  1. […] version). It looks like the pre-order taking will be starting soon. Her release date is the same as some recent wallet-breaking Nendoroids: December 2010 with a retail price of 3500 Yen. Time to break […]

  2. jojo7 says:

    Already ordered as this character is so adorable.I just love the alternate face although I am not sure about the lump on her head.
    Dilemma is whether to order BRS nendoroid(don’t like the scarring) or not to complete the pair.

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