Flickr Tips: How to Create New “Album”

Flickr - collections/sets page

Flickr - collections/sets page

Note: This post is not related to Nendoroids at all, but I think it should be useful for Nendoroid photography.

OK, this will be a quick guide for those Flickr newbie. This post will explain about a simple, yet important feature in photo/image management: creating and managing “albums”. How to do it? Read on.

Before we get into the guide, we’ll talk about some important terms on Flickr here. First … instead of “Album“, Flickr uses its own terms “Set” and “Collection“.

A set could contain multiple photos, and a photo could belong to one or more sets. Getting confused? Here’s an illustration:

You have created 2 sets: “Food” and “Figurines” and you have a photo of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku ate a hamburger. Actually, it depends on you, but it’s quite logical to put that photo into both of the sets since it has both food and figurine element. You got the idea? Good. ^^

A collection could contain multiple sets OR collections. Note that you cannot put both sets and collections into the same collection. So if you have “Figurines” set and “My Hobby Life” collection, you cannot put both of them into the same collection “My Life”, for instance. ^^;

Don’t worry if you are still confused about the terms. You’ll learn them in no time as you progress on using Flickr. Well, let’s move to the create-and-manage guide.

First, log into your Flickr account, then click on “Organize & Create” link at the top navigation menu.

Link to the Collection/Set Management

Link to the Collection/Set Management

You will be taken to Flickr’s Collection/Set Management page.

Flickr Collections and Sets Management

Flickr Collections and Sets Management

Here’s a quick explanation about the numbered section on the picture above:

  1. The page’s URL
  2. Create a new collection or set (pretty obvious, isn’t it? ^^;)
  3. A listing of all collections you have created
  4. A listing of all sets you have created

Managing Collection(s)

To add a set/collection, drag and drop a set OR collection to the destination collection (if don’t have a collection yet, then create a new one by clicking on Create a new collection link).

To remove a set/collection from a collection, click on the arrow beside the collection you wish to remove a set/collection from, then drag and drop it to the lower section of the page (you’ll see a quick instruction there).

Managing Set(s)

Click on a set from the right panel. You will be taken to that set’s page.

To add or remove photo(s) from the set, just drag and drop it as shown in the picture below.

Add or remove photo(s) from set

Add or remove photo(s) from set

Well, I think that’s all about managing collections and sets in Flickr. Hopefully this mini guide can help you when using Flickr. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes here and there – post a comment if you find one. Thanks for reading! ^^

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