Random Line Up

I am a kind of person that you might call as random line up collector.

What the heck is this? Well, I’m not locking myself in one line up. Instead, I can choose to buy something freely without need to consider if the line up is a different one from my main target.

Dogga Meat!

For example, I own Nendoroid, Figma, S.I.C, Model Kit (rare one, not a gunpla), Mameshiki and others. Currently I got RMC, which I bought it because I want a new look in my collection. And surprisingly, this RMC is suitable as…. Nendoroid head 😀

Saber Helmet

Being a random line up collector tend to lead me into buying unknown or even a weird thing :p For example, few months ago, I bought a Touhou Eraser. I show it to some people and they just like “WUT?! This  eraser is cost 30k IDR?!” (high quality eraser only cost around 2.5k IDR). But eventually someone do interested 😀


Or, I lately just bought a model kit. ENGAGE SR3 and L.E.D Mirage from The Five Star Stories. I bet most of you didn’t know about Five Star Stories, right? If I said “GUNDAM!” Well, most of you will know what I mean, but if I said LED Mirage, or Knight of Gold, or may be Amaterasu Dis Grand Grees Eydas Fourth! What’s that? 😀

2 comments on “Random Line Up

  1. Hakurei says:

    sometimes its a good thing to be random line up collector :)since you have a distinct taste towards each of the segment, mine would look pales in comparison to yours X)

  2. animaster says:

    It means you have an open mind and vision, so that you can pick another figure/figurine lines rather than one specific line. Though, the trait may do more damage to your wallet. ^^

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