Looking at Different Side of Problems…

It’s the Shut-in idol again!

just want to share something with you all – yup, this one is another self-called “guide of life” 😀

How to begin it…well, I bet all of us have problems right? Be it big, or small. Sometimes, we just feel that the problem is too hard for us to solve…right? Then it’s time to look it from different view! 😀


"What is This?"

You see, from Azu~nyan’s view, that thing is unknown and unrecognizable. But, if we try to look it from distance, we will know that it’s a banana! (and a big one, I had it for lunch :P)

this is just some example. So, when you feel your problem is too big, try to look it in general (distance). Sometimes, you’ll find it magically become easier! 😀

(I’d feel that way many times, especially I’m the type that tend to get too focused into one thing)

“but it doesn’t work!”

So, you have tried it, but you still can’t solve it? then…let me reminds you what are friends for 😀

Marisa help Shana to eat since there’s no way Shana will be able to finish it by herself (she is a tsundere, so it’s no wonder why she got mad at Marisa).

Like I said, friends can help you at solving your problem, just what they said, “two heads are better than one head”. Friends can help you look at the part you may have missed, or you just plain don’t understand. 😀

phew…it’s a bit short…but I hope this will help you all, even just a bit 😀

7 comments on “Looking at Different Side of Problems…

  1. piratesof says:

    Well, it's a nice adviceSomething that seems big might be actually smallNice way to see it

  2. animaster says:

    I second that. Nice piece of tips! ^^

  3. cybeast says:

    thanks, glad you all like it 😀

  4. Hakurei says:

    another piece of inspiring article made by our lovely shut in idol XDlookin' forward for more of your writings 🙂

  5. poksi says:

    nice advice cybie..>.<gotta remember it..

  6. cybeast says:

    lo…lovely? wh…what are you talking about? >///<(sorry I'm a terrible tsundere :3)

  7. cybeast says:

    hope it can help you ^^

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