What is Nendoroid Petit?

Nendoroid Petit vs Normal

Nendoroid Petit vs Normal

In a glance, Nendoroid Petit, also known as “Nendoroid Puchi” is merely a smaller version of Nendoroid. Is that all? Well, we’re going to have a in-depth deeper view about Petits, including their characteristics and differences with normal Nendoroids.

Since I only own Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid set #1, this post will be written based on that. For comparison, I’m going to pit Nendoroid Hatsune Miku against her Petit counterpart. ^^;

For quick reference, I’m not going to talk about their sizes. Unless you have some kind of vision-disorder (pardon me if this statement irritates you ^^), it is clear that Nendoroid Petits are smaller than normal Nendoroids. Technically, Nendoroid Petit is about 6 cm tall, while normal Nendoroid’s height is about 11 cm.

Optional Parts

OK, I know that Petit Miku has 2 leeks and normal Miku has only one leek, but that’s not the point. ^^; Generally, Petits have less optional parts compared to the normal Nendoroids. For example, normal Nendoroid Miku has 2 optional face plates while her Puchi version doesn’t have any optional face plates. However, recent and upcoming Petits will have 2 face plates (one plate is already attached). IMHO the “optional parts” factor will become less and less significant in the future considering GSC’s rapid evolution on upcoming Petits. ^^

Petits also have different stand as compared to normal Nendoroids. Each Petit usually has one hole at her back or her hair (with an exception of Nendoroid Petit Luka – we’ll get into it later on), and that’s where you plug the stand stick. Personally, I kinda like Petits’ stand base, because I can create some unusual pose (e.g: on-air pose) that I cannot do on normal Nendoroids. ^^;


People often ask whether Petits can exchange parts with other Petits. In this section, we’re going to talk about its “flexibility” compared to the normal Nendoroids. First, let’s see how normal Nendoroid Miku gets broken into pieces. (Thanks for volunteering, Miku-chan! ^^;)

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku - Surgery in progress

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku - Surgery in progress

Well, every part of her body is pretty much detachable. Uh … and I missed something here: both of normal Miku’s legs and her palms are also detachable. ^^; OK, now let’s compare it to Petit Miku.

Petit Miku gets detached

Petit Miku gets detached

Quite surprising, eh? In fact, her detachability is almost the same as normal Miku. The only undetachable components are her headsets and her right leg. IMHO normal Nendoroids only have slight advantage in term of detail level compared to the Petits.

So … can we interchange Petits’ body parts with another Petits? For most Petits, the answer is YES, but note that there are a few Petits who have unique heads that cannot be attached to other face plates. Well, you can start fantasizing on some crazy funny Petits cross-exchange (hint, hint).


This section will cover about Petits’ movement flexibility. This is where Petits have to admit their “defeat” to normal Nendoroids. OK, although normal Nendoroids have limited articulation, Petits are even worse. Generally their hands can be moved, but their legs have little to no articulation. Yep, for most Petits, you cannot move their legs at all.

Neru Akita and Sakine Meiko cannot move their legs

Neru Akita and Sakine Meiko cannot move their legs

Aside from their articulation, Petits also have different joint as compared to the normal Nendoroids. Normally, Petits’ joints are unipolar, while the normal Nendoroids have bipolar joints.

Nendoroid Petit's joints are generally unipolar

Nendoroid Petit's joints are generally unipolar

In general, Petits have more limitation than normal Nendoroids in term articulation (with an exception of Nendoroid Petit Hachune Miku – we’ll talk about it later on). However, GSC may improve Petits’ movements in future releases, so just keep an eye on it. ^^;

Special Case – Petit Luka’s Mysterious Stand Holes

Most Petits have only one hole on their backs/hairs, but that doesn’t apply to Petit Luka. If you recall my review about Nendoroid Megurine Luka, I wrote about how I attach Tako-Luka to Petit Luka’s body. Is it merely a usual head cross-exchange? I don’t think so, because I found 2 stand holes on Petit Luka’s body: her hair and back (after her head is removed).

2 stand holes on Petit Luka's hair and back

2 stand holes on Petit Luka's hair and back

When I saw these holes, I was asking to myself, “Why are there 2 holes here? What purpose do they serve for?” Coincidentally, I also saw a plug-hole beneath Tako-Luka’s head and it’s compatible to Petit Luka’s head joint. Woot! ^^

Tako-Luka's head is compatible with Petit Luka's body

Tako-Luka's head is compatible with Petit Luka's body

I don’t know whether the hole in Petit Luka’s back is really intended for attaching a stand stick when Tako-Luka is “possessing” Petit Luka’s body, but I personally believe that is the case. ^^

Petit Luka is possessed by Tako-Luka!

Petit Luka is possessed by Tako-Luka!

Special Case – Petit Hachune Miku’s Super Articulation

Petits articulation law doesn’t apply to Petit Hachune Miku. Being included as a special (hidden?) Petit inside the Petit Vocaloid set #1, Petit Hachune Miku really surprises me, especially for her articulation. Beside her heads and twin tails, we can also move her arms, elbow, legs, and knees. Wow!

Petit Hachune Miku's various poses

Petit Hachune Miku's various poses

Yep, she has special joints built on her body and that’s why she has a very flexible movement. Since I don’t own a normal Nendoroid Hachune Miku, I don’t know whether Petit Hachune’s articulation is comparable to the normal one. One thing for sure: because of this special features, Petit Hachune Miku easily becomes my favorite Petit to date. ^^

Why Petits?

Petit Vocaloid cross-exchange madness

Petit Vocaloid cross-exchange madness

Despite their disadvantages, there are several reason why Petits are still interesting to be bought collected: (thanks to kamio_misuzu for pointing this out)

  1. Cheaper price – You can usually get up to 3 Petits for half the cost of normal Nendoroids. Larger Petit sets even cost lower: I bought the Vocaloid set #1 which contains 12 Petits for a price of roughly 2 normal Nendoroids. Petits are perfect for those who is still new to Nendoroid. Consider it as your “entry point” to the vast Nendoroid world. ^^
  2. Portable – Petits are about half the size of normal Nendoroids. It fits perfectly in our pocket, so we can easily carry them anywhere without any hassle.
  3. Comparable details – Normal Nendoroids only have slight advantage over Petits in term of details and GSC seems to put more effort to improve Petit quality (e.g: optional face plates) for their upcoming releases. Don’t forget that Petits are also interchangeable – just like the normal Nendoroids. ^^
  4. Easier to be completed – If you’re looking to complete a series quickly (and cheaper), then you can try collecting Petit sets. There are several sets available, such as Vocaloid set, Fate/Stay Night set, Lucky Star set, and the recent Angel Beats set. It’s like completing all characters in the series in one swoop (or more, depending on the sets). ^^

Final Words

At first, I didn’t even take a glance on Petits. I thought that Petits were not good enough to be collected because they have a lot of handicaps compared to the normal Nendoroids. However, when I purchased Petit Vocaloid set (my first Petits), I realize that my assumptions are only partially correct. It’s true that Petits have less articulation and optional parts compared to the normal one, but it is very reasonable if you look at the pricing. IMO, lower price, comparable details, and portability equal to a total bargain! ^^;

That's all, folks! ^^

That's all, folks! ^^

*phew* Finally we have reached the end of this article – What a lengthy post this is. Anyway, hopefully this post gives you more insight and information regarding Nendoroid Petit. I apologize if there are some mistakes in some of the points I wrote above – post a comment if you find one. Thank you for reading! ^^


30 comments on “What is Nendoroid Petit?

  1. rendoroid says:

    huaaa~ i only have nendoroid petite kyouka >.< quite surprising~ puchi puchi kinda cute….. what a “poison”

  2. Panzermaid says:

    hemmh~but it's hard to change the part if you had a big hands.. -w-'' (just like me…)but i like the detail, even it's small but the detail is well done…and also petit nendo come with some limited like bundle in magazine or dvd… 😀

  3. animaster says:

    Cute, cheap, and portable … irresistable indeed.

  4. animaster says:

    Agreed. Smaller size will make it difficult for us to exchange the body parts.Yep, the detail is quite surprising for such a small-sized Nendoroids.Some of the limited Petit bundles are actually adorable, but unfortunately they're mostly quite difficult to be found. ^^;

  5. Panzermaid says:

    yeup~right…i amazed with the detail of my first petit nendoroid, the detail and coloring can compare with regular nendo… (tenshi.. XD )ahh~yes, some of them are really hard to find because limited..but i like them..cute, small, adorable but also deadly… >:D

  6. Hakurei says:

    puchi eh? :pI should refrain myself from reading the above article . . . (ga mau keracunan uey Xp) lol

  7. Allgroassai says:

    well..nice review…btw What is Nendoroid Petit? …it is a venomous invertebrate!!! coz it hasn't got backbones n it can be easily sucked away your money. well it's a very dangerous creature in our solar system.

  8. animaster says:

    Nice point there. Yes, they are so dangerous like a parasite that once attached to their host, it wouldn't be easy to “remove” them. Yet, their cuteness is hard to resist. ^^;

  9. animaster says:

    At least you won't get hurt just by reading this article, right?Well, I couldn't guarantee anything to your wallet though … ^^;

  10. hellzfire says:

    Nice article mate. Keep up the good job ^^

  11. Hakurei says:

    yes it will hurt me, both financially and mentally :panyway it was a good read, keep it up 🙂

  12. mjojo7 says:

    petit nendoroids have the cute factor which makes them totally irresistable(unlike large nendoroids)

  13. cybeast says:

    Regular size Hachune Miku has normal joint, just like every normal nendoroid :D(except FA series)

  14. […] Nendoroid, this super movable Saber has joints on her elbows and ankles – reminds me of Nendoroid Petit Hachune Miku. This Saber also brings along some of her swords and the sheaths – which looks to be very […]

  15. SakuraLH13 says:

    Really Useful! this convinced me to go for Nendoroid petites instead of the big ones for starting in the Nendoroid world! I lov the idea of taking one enywhere, they seem to be sooo tiny!

  16. […] Saber: Super Movable Edition a.k.a Saber FA (full action) is the first regular-sized Nendoroid (Petit Hachune Miku is the first super movable Nendoroid) who has extraordinary joints and body structures which (supposedly) features more articulation […]

  17. i_orange says:

    Waw waw… what a nice information u have here..
    thanx! i’m new to nendoroid & stuff, and just bought my first K-On Nendo (Normal size) yesterday. and with this info…. *very poisonous!* i wanna buy the petit one.

  18. KagamineLenRin says:

    i have the complete k-on! beach set+ maid mio and puchi BRS

  19. uhmm this article helps me ’bout what is the difference of the Nendoroids and Petis. So thanks you very much, ’cause I’m new to Nendoroids. If I will buy a set of Petits, I can consider it as my “entry point” to vast the Nendoroid World. Thank You 🙂

    • animaster says:

      Glad that you find this post useful. 🙂

      • cobafesbuk says:

        3 years later the article is still useful and #1 in google search 😀

        Mo nanya dong, kalo mo beli dari goodsmile itu gimana ya? Pernah beli disana?
        Kalo ongkos kirimnya mayan mahal, bisa ga jadi beli 😛

      • animaster says:

        I have no idea that the article is still useful, seeing that it is already 3 years old. 😛

        Anyway, pre-ordering from Good Smile Online Shop will require you to have a PayPal account (preferably tied into a credit card account), since the payment will be done via PayPal.

        The shipping cost is 2000JPY to any countries (including Indonesia), and it may contain 3-5 products in a combined shipping.

  20. Wow. Your review on puchis is really great and useful. I was always wondering the essense of buying puchis and haven’t came to this state of awareness before. Many thanks to you!

    Umm, could you help me with released puchi list? Which one is the best to won first in your opinion?

  21. *Which one is the best to OWN (edited) XD

  22. Mutia says:

    wow! thanks… it’s a big help. well… could you tell me how much money it costs to buy the original petit if I buy it in Indoensia ?

  23. Kurorin says:

    Fantastic post! I own a Yowane Haku petit and till this day I had no idea her head/face plate/hair could be removed! Thought it was a thing for newer petits when I saw people selling tiny parts.

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